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WELCOME TO Novanyam Corporate Services

Novanyam Corporate Services Private Limited is a company; we are pleased to have the opportunity to provide you with information on our available services. We hope you will find the services offered valuable to your organization.

Novanyam is a core Payroll & Labour Law services provider. Our commitment to deliver quality employer solutions has been the guiding factor in our development of a comprehensive menu of services. Our services are designed to meet the challenges of small business owners in today’s economy. We maintain state-of-the art processing Centre and in order to command control over quality and accuracy of compliances, we devise our clients’ multi-location compliances at our H.O. and feed our branch professionals all across India with ready to file information / data / returns etc. This enables us to reach our clients easily and serve them even at their remotest locations.

We strive to develop solutions that allow businesses to save time and money. We are dedicated to developing solutions that help alleviate the problems in Payroll and Labour Law administrative in order for employers to focus on more pressing issues.








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